Spheres of Engagement

  • Specific Engagement

    Services are limited to particular needs of clients, usually in the form of consultancies. This can be a potential initial engagement sphere if local communities show interest and need further assistance, potential partners are available, and an organizational imperative is ascertained by TK to move to another sphere of engagement. Example: Manila Bay Region

  • Initial Engagement

    TK may commence engagements by one or two TK programming strategies through projects or activities. Depending on the need/demand of the relationship, additional programming strategies or activities may be introduced with a vision towards developing it into a total engagement later.  There must be a receptive or “friendly” local constituent, have established partnership with local NGO, PO and institutions, and a strong potential to introduce other TK programming strategies. Must be selected by the Management Committee (ManCom), and a potential source of funding is identified. Example: Taguibo Watershed

  • Transformative Engagement

    TK has strong alliances with local communities, POs, NGOs, LGUs and organizations (FARMCS, PAMBS, etc.) that can initiate interventions with minimal assistance.  Services are sustained and generally pro-active.  Requires less funding support or can even pay professional fees to TK.  Examples: MBSCPL, TVPL, Inner Lamon Bay

  • Total Engagement

    Having ascertained its relational imperative, majority or all of the TK programming strategies are afforded the partner, ecosystem, location or geographic area.  It will likely require an area-based office staffed with capable personnel to render full engagement and be a priority in fund sourcing and allocation.  Example (as of 2012): Lake Buhi, Seven Lakes, San Pablo; Lucena City, Quezon.