In time for the Philippine Arbor Day on June 25, 2020, Tanggol Kalikasan held its first webinar as a part of its digital campaign, Let’s Unite to Make it Right: #STOPcoal #GOrenewable, via Zoom.

Under the project SLAM Coal or Strengthening Legal and Metalegal Battle against Coal-fired Power Plants in Quezon Province, the two-hour webinar was titled “10 Reasons Why we should #STOPcoal #GOrenewable” and tackled strong points on why green energy is a way to move forward. Mr. Erwin Puhawan, Luzon Coordinator of Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, talked about these reasons in detail where he emphasized that dirty coal is not only expensive and harmful to the environment but also brings too much risks on people’s health and livelihood.

To promote Tanggol Kalikasan’s advocacy for renewable energy, Atty. Ma. Ronely Bisquera-Sheen, the organization’s Executive Director, presented the updates on the Renewable Energy Act of 2008. She pointed out that green energy will not only provide environmental benefits but also economic value to its users. An open forum was conducted after each panel presentation and most of the questions raised by the audience regarded the slow transition of the Philippines to green energy despite the law being approved more than ten years ago.

After the panel discussion, a digital mass signing of a petition to stop the construction of additional coal-fired power plants in Quezon Province was conducted. It was able to gather more than 200 signatures as of the event. (To sign the petition, click this link:

Tanggol Kalikasan also launched its #STOPcoal #GOrenewable Vlogging Contest which is also a part of its digital campaign to stop the issuance of permits for more coal-fired power plants. (To know more about the contest, please proceed to our website’s homepage