A week of gathering on January 16-20, 2023 in a workshop and training of representatives from Philippine Law Enforcement Agencies with speakers from countries such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, America and Europe. The joint training aims to strengthen the campaign on the suppression of Illegal wildlife trade and transnational organized crime conducted in the city of Puerto Princesa in the province of Palawan.

According to Katherine Custodio, Executive Director of World Wildlife Found - philippines or WWF- philippines in her opening message. “Currently, the criminal syndicates that take advantage, exploit and make wildlife or wildlife a livelihood in our country are more organized and united. Full unity and stronger linkage and cooperation of law enforcement agencies or law enforcement agencies to prevent the continued spread of rape, plunder and theft of endangered or endangered animals and plants are the only natural resources of our country. We need to expand and strengthen capacity and influence to fully protect and preserve what remains of our natural resources and precious lives... especially since we are part of the Coral triangle which is globally recognized as the hub of marine biodiversity of the world. That's why organized trans-boundary wildlife trafficking should be stopped. “ Custodio added more.

Based on the survey results of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources or DENR, it is estimated that there is a total of P50 billion per year the amount of illegal trade of wildlife in the Philippines alone. This includes the cost of losing potential Eco-Tourism revenues.

In relation to this, the first training was conducted here in the Philippines titled Countering Transnational and Organized Crime or CTOC attended by 32 representatives from law enforcement agencies such as PCSD, DENR, PNP, NBI, PCG, BFAR, AMLC, Philippine Ports Authority or PPA, Philippine Center on Transnational Crime and others. The said training started on January 16, 2023 and ended January 20, 2023 held in the city of Puerto Princesa in the province of Palawan and this is just part of the initial activities of the Targeting Regional Investigations for Policing Opportunities and Development or TRIPOD funded by Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs or INL implemented under the leadership of FREELAND Foundation, WWF and Nature Defense, Inc.