Way before human existence, rodents are mammals that have been roaming the earth for 66 million years. Endemic only in the island of Luzon, Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat is primarily found in tree branches of the sky islands of northern and central part of Luzon. In the first part of their podcast on the cloud rat, Central Luzon State University (CLSU) talked about the characteristics of this furry, fluffy species.

This episode is produced by the Institute of Environmental Governance in CLSU; Written and directed by Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto, Roann Alberto-Lao, Carl Dionelle Ponce, Daryl A. Juganas and Kimberly Joy E. Mata.

Wildlife Philippines is an initiative under the Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation 3 of Tanggol Kalikasan and is being supported by the USAID and the US DOI-ITAP.