Palawan Stink Badger (Mydaus marchei) or commonly known as ‘pantot’ is endemic to Palawan. They are territorial animals which use scent glands to mark their paths, thus, the name. They are important species for soil aeration but are now considered as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). For this episode, another expert was invited by Palawan State University (PalSU) to talk about this vulnerable species.

This episode is produced by the Institute of Environmental Governance in PalSU; Written and directed by: Rizaldy Bustamante, Kristel Dorado, Jade Remo, Andrei Sta. Teresa, Noell Soliva, Czarina Sulpico, Marie Chris Palma, Mark Joseph Buncag, and Imelda Lactuan.

Wildlife Philippines is an initiative under the Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation 3 of Tanggol Kalikasan and is being supported by the USAID and the US DOI-ITAP.