Caulerpa lentillifera , also known as sea grapes or green caviar and locally called as lato or latok, is an edible seaweed common to the Philippines.For this episode, Palawan State University (PalSU) talks about interesting information about this marine life.

This episode is produced by the Institute of Environmental Governance in PalSU; Written and directed by: Rizaldy Bustamante, Kristel Dorado, Jade Remo, Andrei Sta. Teresa, Noell Soliva, Czarina Sulpico, Marie Chris Palma, Mark Joseph Buncag, and Imelda Lactuan.

Wildlife Philippines is an initiative under the Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation 3 of Tanggol Kalikasan and is being supported by the USAID and the US DOI-ITAP.